I’m sorry for going dark for awhile. Things got a little hectic around here. I’m finishing up my thesis and riding as much as possible (to stay sane for my thesis). I really enjoy writing for this blog, compared to the deeply technical writing required for my thesis this writing feels easy. It just flows out of my fingers and can help get the creative juices going.

I should make more of a commitment to working on this blog. Even if I can’t always get to a book review I’ll try to do a more personal update (which if anyone joins Patreon you’ll be charged only for book reviews, not personal updates like this). So, I may as well do a personal update right now while I’m thinking about it.

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This post is just to announce that we started a Patreon! So if you prefer to support that way please do so.

For those not familiar with Patreon this is a long term support system where you pledge to pay X amount per post/per month. You can always decline to pay when the post comes around and, as ours is set up as a per post type, you can set a limit in case I post more than you expect and Patreon will automatically not charge you for anything beyond that limit.

Currently, the rewards for Patrons is participation in a horse fiction book club, which will start once we reach $15/post. There is already a poll up on Patreon to pick the first book. We could start with a classic like Justin Morgan Had A Horse or National Velvet. But I also have a handful of horse related mystery novels by Dick Francis and others. It’s up to you!

Please become a patron today! You’re only charged for full legnth book reviews or detailed science posts. My random thoughts and updates don’t count.


“Agritainment” (revised)

  1. farm-based entertainment including activities such as hayrides, pony rides, wine tasting, cornfield-maze contests, and harvest festivals.

I had a meeting with my insurance agent this week. This was one of those annual check-ins that are more about the agent trying to sell you more services than anything else. My agent was my neighbor growing up and the company he works for tries to be a one-stop shop for farmers. After discussing my current insurance (auto, renters, etc) we diverted into talking about my future hopes for a horse business and he gave me a GREAT idea.

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Goals, Skills, and Things to Learn

What I’d like to do

  • Start and train young horses (primarily for eventing)
    • Purchased or bred
  • Breed future eventers
  • Retrain off the track thoroughbreds for resale

            It has been said in some of my circles that eventers don’t buy young stock, so I’d like to help, in a small way, create a landing pad for young event horses to grow up and get their start.