About the Author

I am a lifelong rider and lover of horses. I’m about to finish a detour into the world of science by earning my master’s degree in biology (comparative and molecular bioscience). But I realized that if both academia and the horse world require long hours and hard work I’d be much happier putting that work into horses and being outdoors. I plan to use this blog to document my research journey and gather support to start my own sporthorse¬†breeding and training facility.

My first love is Eventing, but I also have an affection for pure Dressage. I’ve dreamed since childhood of breeding horses. I tried to put that dream aside to be a scientist, but despite my enjoyment of science, I want to try my hand at a professional career with horses if I can.

Having a following will only help my business and can allow me to research the market and find out what people want and need from a breeding and training facility.


Contact: Sporthorse.Startup@gmail.com