Book Review: Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business

This is an overview book that is packed with ideas about how to capitalize your horse business and in contrast to the “what it really takes” book reviewed previously, it covers a lot more than just a boarding barn.

I recently purchased the second edition of this book, without realizing that I already owned the first addition so I’ll be able to compare and contrast the two editions.

From the cover:

Marketing strategies, money-saving tips, and profitable program ideas, including how to:

  • Manage a riding school
  • Direct a horseback camp
  • Operate a boarding stable
  • Breed and sell horses
  • Run a carriage-driving business
  • Host money-making events
  • Open a tack shop
  • Reduce veterinary bills


First off this book is very usefully laid out to be used as a reference rather than read front to back. After reading the core chapters about business management I see no reason you can’t jump around from chapter to chapter as different business types catch your attention.

For the edition comparison: I think the new one has a lot more to offer. This was not just moving the formatting around. The are two whole chapters and other information was organized into easier sections for reference. If you come across a cheap copy of the first edition is not a waste of time, but if you really want the get the most out of this book get the new one.


Verdict: This book is a really good buy as it gives you ideas for capitalization of your business and tips on how to run each of these events or programs.

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