This post is just to announce that we started a Patreon! So if you prefer to support that way please do so.

For those not familiar with Patreon this is a long term support system where you pledge to pay X amount per post/per month. You can always decline to pay when the post comes around and, as ours is set up as a per post type, you can set a limit in case I post more than you expect and Patreon will automatically not charge you for anything beyond that limit.

Currently, the rewards for Patrons is participation in a horse fiction book club, which will start once we reach $15/post. There is already a poll up on Patreon to pick the first book. We could start with a classic like Justin Morgan Had A Horse or National Velvet. But I also have a handful of horse related mystery novels by Dick Francis and others. It’s up to you!

Please become a patron today! You’re only charged for full legnth book reviews or detailed science posts. My random thoughts and updates don’t count.

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