Finding My Way

Ignoring your passion is slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for. Mold your career around your lifestyle and not your lifestyle around your career

-Kevin Claiborne

This post is a bit more personal. It’s about my past, my current, and what I hope for in my future. This post is about why I think I want to do this and my fears. I opened with that quote because in many ways it summarizes part of why I want to do this.

For the past year, I’ve been working as a graduate research assistant. Before that, I was a laboratory technician. Neither job suited me the way I thought it might. I love the intellectual stimulation. I love ghe science. But, being almost constantly indoors and worrying about the minute details of a procedure were exhausting me. Riding may be detail-oriented, but it doesn’t stress me in the same way.

As a graduate student, I’ve mostly been working on a computer. First I had to do months of data analysis and now I’m writing my thesis. I have discovered that being trapped at a desk leaves me twitchy and anxious when it’s full time.

Academia and industry both appear to demand long hours. If long hours are unavoidable I’d much rather be outside and working with horses for long hours than pipetting or writing all day. Oddly enough, writing on here has been much easier than writing my thesis. Go figure!

After the realization that neither academic nor industry science were likely to suit me I began a search for a job I could do. I considered teaching science, but jobs there are few on the ground and the pay is very low with still many hours expected. It also still had elements that either terrified me or didn’t suit. But that seems unavoidable. So, if I must work on strengthening my skin then I’d much rather do it with horses and horse people.


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