Book Review: Spank The Bank

Spank the Bank is a business finance book about alternative financing options. But it is also an excellent primer on business finance for the uninitiated and does explain banking financing options in addition to the alternative sources. And pro-tip. Don’t google “spank the bank” without quotes. You’ll get a lot of “spank bank” suggestions. Ie. naughty photos. Whoops. Not […]


I’m almost done reading Spank the Bank and should have a post up in the next few days! Interesting read!   I’ve also been riding a lot lately. Getting my old gelding back into regular work after weight loss (long story). Yesterday I asked him to carry himself like the 1st level dressage horse he […]

what it really takes to start and run a horse business and how to do it right the first time by sheri grunska book

Book Review: What It Really Takes to Start and Run a Horse Business pt 2

This is the only book I’ve come across that discusses a business plan for a horse business. Key topics of value touched on in this book: Researching and writing a business plan for horses The importance of a lawyer The dangers of borrowing too much The pitfalls of construction contracts Tips for dealing with boarders What they’d […]

Spank the Bank – alternative businesss financing

A new book for review has arrived! Spank the Bank: THE Guide to Alternative Business Financing. This book appears to cover some business basics in section 1, section 2 touches on more traditional sources of financing, and finally, section 3 appears to have the goods! The book review on this one will be scheduled at a later date. […]

“Agritainment” (revised)

ag·ri·tain·ment ˌaɡrəˈtānmənt/ noun farm-based entertainment including activities such as hayrides, pony rides, wine tasting, cornfield-maze contests, and harvest festivals. I had a meeting with my insurance agent this week. This was one of those annual check-ins that are more about the agent trying to sell you more services than anything else. My agent was my […]