What this blog is all about

The business of horses and the learning process.

I’ve been involved with horses since I was in elementary school. But mostly as an amateur and with a tiny bit of teaching (so I’m actually not an amateur anymore, ha!). So I want to write about what I’m learning about running a business other than a boarding barn. And in particular what I’m learning about breeding horses and training youngsters.

I want to connect with others who have either considered this path and abandoned it or kept going succeeded in it. Both types of stories are worthwhile. If anyone is interested we could do guest posts or interviews. Just let me know

Content will include:

  • Thoughts, updates, and revelations as I learn and study.
  • Book Reviews as I read the books I’ve purchased to educate myself
  • Training Ideas. As I learn I’ll share training thoughts and ideas with you.
  • Reader interaction. I love to talk to people. So comment, share, shoot me an email. Maybe we’ll do an interview or guest post.

Let me know what sort of content you want to see and I’ll see what I can do! Book suggestions?

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