So, I’ve been on a young horse training kick out at the barn so I’m drafting a post about my (non-professional) take on training green horses. I’ve been working with some friends who retrain recently retired off the track thoroughbreds (and a handful of ponies).  So I’m getting some more hands on experience with the training of green (but not unstarted) young horses.

In a pair with the training post, the next book review will be about Ingrid and Reiner Klimke’s book “Basic Training of the Young Horse, 3rd Edition”. For those not familiar with them, the late Reiner Klimke was a world renowned dressage rider and trainer. His daughter Ingrid Klimke is one of the best Event riders in the world. They wrote the first edition of this book together in 1980. This version has been updated by Ingrid in 2015

Lack of writing “brain juice”

Hello, all. I’m sorry that I started this and then disappeared. My thesis got kicked into high gear. I’ve been offered a job (eek!) and consequently, my advisor moved the draft deadline from the end of July to July 17th. So, I can’t quite afford to be reading and writing for this blog. But to keep you tided over here is some photography I’ve been playing with lately from out at the barn. I’m friend’s with Fox Sport Horses so these photos are mostly their horses.


I’m sorry for going dark for awhile. Things got a little hectic around here. I’m finishing up my thesis and riding as much as possible (to stay sane for my thesis). I really enjoy writing for this blog, compared to the deeply technical writing required for my thesis this writing feels easy. It just flows out of my fingers and can help get the creative juices going.

I should make more of a commitment to working on this blog. Even if I can’t always get to a book review I’ll try to do a more personal update (which if anyone joins Patreon you’ll be charged only for book reviews, not personal updates like this). So, I may as well do a personal update right now while I’m thinking about it.

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What should we read next?

Do we want to learn more about breeding? I have several books on breeding and broodmare/stud management?


What about handling stallions in general?


There is the book on equipment for a horse farm. Not exciting, but useful.


Or Storey’s guide to raising horses. I’ve started reading that one. It’s good so far!


Let me know! Comments, email, twitter, or facebook!


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Book Review: Spank The Bank

Spank the Bank is a business finance book about alternative financing options. But it is also an excellent primer on business finance for the uninitiated and does explain banking financing options in addition to the alternative sources.
And pro-tip. Don’t google “spank the bank” without quotes. You’ll get a lot of “spank bank” suggestions. Ie. naughty photos. Whoops. Not what I wanted! Go back, go back!

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I’m almost done reading Spank the Bank and should have a post up in the next few days! Interesting read!


I’ve also been riding a lot lately. Getting my old gelding back into regular work after weight loss (long story). Yesterday I asked him to carry himself like the 1st level dressage horse he is and he was able to start to do it again. It was brief, given he’ll need to get stronger, but I’m proud of him. I’m also riding a variety of other horses that belong to other people. We’ve got a Morgan gelding, ex-saddle seat horse, who is drop dead gorgeous and whip-smart, but anxious. We’ve got a pretty half-Morgan mare who is learning to use her topline correctly.  And a young OTTB mare who is still learning how to turn off of seat aids and to trust the reins while she also develops her balance for ring work after a life on the track.


I do enjoy green horses. But I’ve still never worked with a totally unstarted one. What if I have too much fear to do it?

Book Review: What It Really Takes to Start and Run a Horse Business pt 2

This is the only book I’ve come across that discusses a business plan for a horse business.
Key topics of value touched on in this book:
  • Researching and writing a business plan for horses
  • The importance of a lawyer
  • The dangers of borrowing too much
  • The pitfalls of construction contracts
  • Tips for dealing with boarders
  • What they’d do differently 

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Book Review: Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business

This is an overview book that is packed with ideas about how to capitalize your horse business and in contrast to the “what it really takes” book reviewed previously, it covers a lot more than just a boarding barn.

I recently purchased the second edition of this book, without realizing that I already owned the first addition so I’ll be able to compare and contrast the two editions.

From the cover:

Marketing strategies, money-saving tips, and profitable program ideas, including how to:

  • Manage a riding school
  • Direct a horseback camp
  • Operate a boarding stable
  • Breed and sell horses
  • Run a carriage-driving business
  • Host money-making events
  • Open a tack shop
  • Reduce veterinary bills

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